Stüssy Domineos Tee Black
Stüssy Domineos Tee Black

Stüssy Domineos Tee Black

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Short sleeve t-shirt - Graphic Art
100% Cotton Knit - Imported


The company founder, Shawn Stussy (born 1954), was a Californian manufacturer of surfboards. The which has defined the brand started in the early 1980s after he began scrawling his surname on his handcrafted surfboards with a broad tipped marker. He began using the logo on T-shirts, shorts and caps that he sold out of his car around Laguna Beach, California. The signature was derived from that of his uncle, Jan Stussy.

In a 1992 interview Stussy said: "Everybody calls it surf wear, or urban streetwear, or surf street... I don't name it, and I don't name it on purpose."